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Spent time with the executive management team of  AIDS Care Rochester NY in a Team Building & Leadership workshop.

AIDS Care is the leading provider of HIV/AIDS services in Rochester New York, and the Finger Lakes and was formed by the January 2010 merger of AIDS Community Health Center and AIDS Rochester.
We not only offer a wide array of HIV/AIDS medical, social and prevention services in a calm, comfortable and welcoming environment. We are also the only organization in the Finger Lakes region with HIV/AIDS care and support services as our sole focus.


I was contacted because the management team was looking to improve their team-work and their effectiveness in communicating with each other and their staff.

Team Building Rochester NY

Executive Communication, with outcomes of;

A DiSC assessment was utilized to create a common language of Executive Communication and create improved communications for the team with peers, subordinates and managers.

  • Identify key challenges that inhibit optimal team performance
  • Address listening and speaking skills for understanding of the group’s stage;
  • Understand implications for team planning.
  • Understand and practice non-verbal communication skills; learn about pitfalls in communication.
  • Understand stress and the effects on team performance and communication skills; how to recognize stress within yourself and within team members.
  • Develop skills to listen and speak effectively when in a stressful interaction.


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AIDS Care of Rochester - Executive Communication and Team Development (3)Leadership Development expert Michael Cardus

Outcomes from our time:

  • Applications of DiSC to Aids Care Managerial Leadership team.
  • Develop shared language for team improvement.
  • Identify action steps for further Executive Team Development.

Thank you AIDS Care Rochester.


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