Aged 33+? You are more likely to check out God and the Government online

That’s according to the Pew Internet & American Life project, which looked at generational differences online.    Apparently, Internet surfers aged 33-72 are ’significantly’ more likely to check out religious and official Govt info online.

On a more serious note, the study does show that, despite the increased uptake of social networks by older online consumers, they by and large still have a more focused attitude to the Internet.   They go there for a specific task, to find out information, check finances, read the news and so on.

More specifically us generation-Xers (33-44) are still the Kings of online shopping with 80% buying stuff online compared to 71% of generation Y (18-32) and only 38% of teens.

By comparison, as you’d expect digital natives (aged under 30) are more likely to use personal blogs, send instant messages and check out online videos and games.   In other words, the generational divide is a functional versus social one.

Another study, from iStrategy labs, looks specifically at Facebook.   The 35-54 year old one is the fastest growing demographic, while the number of 25-34 year olds doubles every six months.

Image – Tom Coates

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