After Your Final Interview, Dramatically Improve Your Chances with These Follow-Up Actions

In today’s world of high turnover, many of us will soon go through job interviews. Unfortunately, most of the professional advice covering interviews ends as the candidate physically leaves the interview. Therefore, few know about the numerous proactive things that a candidate can do during this post-interview waiting period. This is unfortunate because, during my conversations with literally thousands of recruiters, I have learned that there are numerous actions that will directly improve an individual candidate’s chances of getting a great offer. So I recommend that you enter this waiting period with an “everything matters” approach. This means that rather than idly waiting, a candidate should take numerous actions that will provide them with a competitive advantage during this last phase of hiring. The goal is to anticipate and be prepared for every likely eventuality. That will reduce your stress level while you’re waiting, while simultaneously making it easier for the hiring team to more clearly see why you are the best candidates for the job.

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