AdAge Whitepaper on Marketing to the Early Adopters

Laura Rich in an AdAge whitepaper on marketing to the early adopters (PDF)

Early adopters can be identified by what they do, not who they are. They do tend to fall along certain demographic lines—educated, higher income, male (though this is shifting), white (also changing), and employed in the tech industry (again, to a lesser degree). But it’s not who they are that matters; it’s how they consume information, when they buy products and how they communicate with one another.

Unlike the general population, early adopters are more likely to be risk takers. They are status seekers, but they also put a higher value on information than most other consumers. Being “in the know”matters a lot to early adopters.They are very willing to seek out information on your product, and to offer strong opinions about it. Early adopters of digital technology identify themselves as such, and consider it a badge of honor.

Find those individuals who are going to be your advocates, and take the time to understand what makes them happy. Be upfront about missteps, and correct course quickly. There is nothing early adopters like more than to be heard by marketers.

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