Accounting for People 2.0

Accounting for People 2.0The
first thing to point out is that Task Force 2.0 is a broader, global
Task Force of HR, Finance, psychologists, academics, journalists and
politicians. This core working group will work collaboratively to
develop their ideas taking into account the prerequisite human capital
metrics and changes in leadership and management practices needed for a
new human capital or narrative reporting to succeed. AfP 2.0’s goal is
not to just make recommendations, but to demonstrate clearly how human
capital reporting changes can significantly enhance the success and
sustainability of the organisation as a whole, not to mention
governments and nations.

AfP 2.0 welcomes the advent and broad context of triple line reporting – also the Government’s recent Consultation
initiative to reinstate Operating and Financial Reviews (OFR) – and
wholeheartedly supports both. In AfP 2.0 we have chosen to focus for the
time being on the corporate benefits of enhanced and transparent
financial reporting that lie within the wider CSR prospectus, and indeed
within the wider global context. Throughout the world accounting
practices, government dispositions, and new approaches to a capitalist
framework vary enormously. Our intention in choosing the narrower focus
is not to privilege the prototype anglo-american capitalism which has
been prevalent in the West and shown to be significantly defective in
structure and function. On the contrary, it is rather to begin the
process of shaping its successor.

Important links and the Accounting for People 2.0 timetable:

  • The first step, to personally canvass the views of the original Task Force members, took place in June-July 2010
  • The second step, drawing together a new Task Force, is now well underway
  • The website, Accounting for People 2.0 was launched on 10th August 2010. It will act as an information resource for those involved in the movement
  • Human capital network, HubCap,
    is now giving and will continue to give definition, visibility,
    participation and momentum to Task Force members, interested followers
    and the AfP 2.0 movement
  • The Accounting for People 2.0 Manifesto, co-created by the Task Force, will be the signature piece of a free ebook, The Human Capital Handbook 2011, edited by former deputy editor of strategy+business, Ann Graham and published on October 21st 2010
  • On the same day, the new Task Force and the AfP 2.0 Manifesto will be premiered to a select audience of business leaders and media at London’s five star Soho Hotel – October 21st 2010
  • Events, webinars, and publications will continue until business and
    government adopt the right long-term sustainable people reporting

If you would like more information about AfP 2.0, please contact Michael on

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For more information about the launch event, please contact Natalia

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