Abraham Lincoln. Peg Noonan, Michelle Obama and the “Lincoln Bedroom”

Two old
Reagan hands were taken on a tour of the private rooms of the White
House by Michelle Obama.  Here’s Peg Noonan’s story from tomorrow’s
Wall Street Journal.

I end with a story told to me
by an old Reagan hand who, with another former Reagan administration
official, was being given a private tour of the White House by Michelle
Obama. This was last summer. Mrs. Obama led the two through the halls,
and then they stopped by the Lincoln bedroom. They stood in the
doorway, and then took a step inside, but went no deeper. Everything
looked the same, but something was different. “We don’t allow guests to
stay in this room anymore,” Mrs. Obama explained. She spoke of it as a
place of reverence. They keep it apart, it’s not for overnights.

Unspoken, but clearly understood by the Reagan hands, was: This is where he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. A true copy of it is here, on the desk. He signed it: “Abraham Lincoln.”
The Reagan hands were impressed and moved. It is fitting and right that
the Lincoln bedroom be held apart. It always should have been. Good,
they thought. Good.

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