Above and Beyond

MarriottWe did corporate training for Marriott for 4 years. After just one seminar, they insisted on taking us to dinner to thank us for our good work and they made a point of telling us how much they appreciated us on many occasions. When one of our actors lost her father, they sent flowers to her home. This was a totally unexpected gesture, and it further cemented our relationship with them.  Carol — Washington, DC

RediscoverCourtesy.org’s HALL OF FAME allows individual readers to share their personal accounts of exceptional professional courtesy in the workplace. The above tribute has been provided by a reader.


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Marketing-company entrepreneur, humorist, editorial writer and speaker,  
Randall Kenneth Jones
, is on a mission—to restore professional courtesy to today’s somewhat thank-you-repressed workplace.

A project of Jones’s Naples, Florida-based agency, MindZooRediscoverCourtesy.org hopes to shed a positive light on the benefitsof professional courtesy relating to business relationships, written and verbal communication, profitability, proactive thinking, ethics, loyalty and business operations.


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