About the Weather

Is a favorite song of mine from an old band, Magazine. It’s also the chaos of today.
We endured the first major snow storm of the season here. Living in Michigan, specifically 45 minutes from Lake Michigan and lake effect snow machines, snow is pretty common place here, say in winter. We get snow, it’s just a fact of life. What we are getting more of is the super-elevated hype of Storm Watch. 27 hours of hype and blizzard warnings.
With this hype comes employee expectation and concern about work, travel, responsibilities, etc. My employer, a residential college, seldom closes. It’s a known expectation of our community – we come to work. But it doesn’t stop the questions and speculation.
I question the media creating this frenzy that as of today, has little to show for the it. We have light accumulating snow right now, nothing like the 2 inches per hour of snow that was anticipated this morning. Not even close. At one point, one of the meteorologists said that schools could be closed until Monday. This event reminds me again how important it is to communicate clearly, without hype, wild speculation and reckless abandon.

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