A Year of Innovation Supporting America’s Workers

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has been hard at work over the past year, dedicated to serving America’s workforce through technology – in ways both seen and unseen. As 2023 comes to a close, we want to share some of the Department of Labor projects we supported.

Serving Workers

We modernized and updated IT solutions that provide training options, promote on-the-job safety, and help track work hours and pay more efficiently.

  • New grants management system: OCIO replaced an outdated IT system, consolidating the process for our different grant-making divisions and streamlining your approach to identify and apply for a work training grant.
  • Apps for America’s workers: We regularly update in-app functions to provide you job-related support on your mobile device.
    1. DOL-Timesheet app: Timekeeping system for employees to keep personal track of hours and overtime pay, and for employers to individually log-in staff members.
      • Latest version: Updated resources in Spanish
    2. CareerInfo app: Finds data and information about employment, pay, career outlook, required skills and experience, typical education, and more for hundreds of detailed occupations.
      • Latest version: Added ability to search by ZIP codes or GPS location
    3. Miner Safety & Health app: Gives miners direct access to their rights and responsibilities, safety and health best practices, and information about mine accidents.
      • Latest version: New “Safety Alerts” and push notifications

Supporting Job Seekers

Whether it’s online or in person, we’ve developed helpful tools to support navigating a job search or applying for jobless benefits.

  • New ways to verify your identity in order to access unemployment insurance benefits: The Labor Department added convenient and equitable options digitally through the General Services Administration’s Login.gov and in person at U.S. post office locations. To date, 90,000 people have benefitted from expanded identity proofing options in six partner states.
  • A dynamic apprenticeship finder tool: OCIO helped to build 10 dashboards, including an interactive map, that show the most up-to-date positions by industry, audience, geographic region and other crucial factors – all with customer experience in mind.

Protecting Retirees

OCIO secures the data and updates the tech that ensures workers receive their promised benefits when they reach retirement age.

  • Enhanced case tracking system used to investigate and prevent fraud in pension plans: OCIO updated functionality to support the Department of Labor’s commitment to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, known as ERISA.
  • Modernized ERISA filing system: We included updates to a key form used by businesses to file documents for the Internal Revenue Service and other needs. This ensures your employee benefit plan sponsors can properly process retirement income-related returns at tax time.

Looking Ahead

As we look to 2024, we are excited about the possibilities of expanding our innovative work with emerging technologies and continually modernizing and securing the Department of Labor’s IT services.

We also want to thank our colleagues in OCIO and our department agency partners for making a difference for millions of America’s workers through the power of technology, this past year and always. Check out the breadth of our projects and the impact we’re making on our OCIO LinkedIn page!

This blog originally appeared at the Department of Labor website’s blog section on December 22, 2023.

About the Author: Gundeep Ahluwalia is OCIO’s chief information officer at the U.S. Department of Labor.

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