A Social LMS is an Across the Board Small Business Solution

Small Business LMS

Small businesses do a lot with a little. They are self-sufficient, multi-talented, and need the right tools to succeed.

In order for small businesses to thrive they need the support of effective operating systems. Even the most organized and administrative business owner benefits from having a single workspace that enables him or her to market, communicate, implement growth strategies, and conduct business relationships.

Suppliers know this and try to deliver products that simplify these aspects of business. Until recently, there were not many successful attempts at packaging all components. Now, with social learning management systems (LMSs), small businesses have a single solution that fulfills many needs.

Social LMSs combine up-to-date technologies with social networking trends and online communication tools. Packaging these features into easy-to-use, customizable software allows small entities to utilize remotely hosted LMSs for all their business needs.

A social LMS can be used for any size business, but unique benefits are available to those using the system as a small business solution.

5 Small Business Solutions in a Social LMS

  1. 1.     No Manpower Required

An LMS that is remotely hosted and maintained by the service provider does not require on-site hardware installation or a full-time IT staff member.

  1. 2.     Brand Away

Customizable LMS options allow a small business owner to make the most of unique branding. Use logos and color options on all internal and external communication materials.

3.     Small Business International

Small businesses are not restricted to servicing their local communities. Many are providing services to people around the world and using LMSs with language localization to eliminate cultural barriers.

4.     Built-in Expansion

All businesses have growth in mind, but small businesses are agile enough to conceive ideas and implement them quickly. The variety of options, like eCommerce capabilities, allows small businesses to take strides instead of steps.

5.     Keep Customers in the Loop

Small businesses may not have a workforce that needs to connect through a learning management system, but they do have customers and clients that need to remain connected. Set up exclusive online user options for those who make business possible.

Small businesses might work with a little, but they have a lot to gain when using a social LMS. TOPYX® is a social LMS that serves small businesses with across the board business solutions. Request a free demo of TOPYX and find out how simple it is to use a remotely hosted LMS with customization features, language localization options, eCommerce capabilities, and more.

Any small business can be self-sufficient and multi-tasking when using a system that is all things to one business.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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