A Simple Solution to Getting Off Your RPO A$$

I have always been curious about what motivates people to do things.

For example, what will make someone exercise more? Do they need a fitness club or a personal trainer? Or, do they need something more basic like a pedometer to get off of their duff?

Can it really be true that someone is more likely to sit less and exercise more if they have a little device tracking their every step? Can it really be that simple?


Quite a few people think so. Step-measuring gadgets are flooding the market, and employers from the White House to private companies are building wellness programs for employees around them. And, more importantly, studies have shown that once given pedometers, people reduce their daily sitting time by almost 20% with a corresponding increase in physical activity.

So, can we reproduce the same improvement levels in recruiting by just monitoring metrics? I believe the concise answer is: Absolutely!

At Pinstripe, data and metrics play a large part in our clients’ recruiting success. Our hard-wired report capabilities fall into 4 key areas as follows:

  • Daily Diligence
    Monitoring the team progress
    Assessing the success and gaps
    Prioritizing activities
    Make real-time changes
  • Weekly Progress Updates
    Communicating relevant updates and interim metrics to client stakeholders
    Sharing successes
    Resolving any issues
    Providing a forum for open dialogue
  • Monthly Maintenance 
    Detailed analysis
    Strategic recommendations
    Adjusting activities as needed
  • Quarterly and Annual Governance
    Tied to service level agreements (SLAs)
    Executive sponsorship & oversight

It’s like our entire operations team is equipped with recruitment pedometers measuring each step of the hiring process. These recruitment pedometers create a snapshot of current success and a baseline for continuous improvement.

At Pinstripe, we like to say “What gets measured gets done!” It is part of our DNA. It is a key
factor in our ongoing success (see 2013 RPO Baker’s Dozen results) and it helps drive the exceptional results our clients experience.

Contributed by Barry Diamond. Follow me on Twitter @bddiamond.


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