A really different day

Today’s different. Really different. Because instead of firing up my computer and working exclusively for a company, today I’m non-exclusive. (In Facebook relationship “non-exclusive” is like being “in an open relationship.”)

Today, instead of being an employee of Brandon Hall Research, I’m a Brandon Hall Research Associate meaning I will continue to do work for Brandon Hall but am free to explore anything else I want to. ANYTHING. This is a very, very good thing for me. As Hannah Montana would say, the best of both worlds.

Here’s what really feels different about today. Throughout my professional career, I’ve always been an employee. So I feel this amazing sense of independence and also this pit in my stomach. My husband went through this transition over ten years ago and has been encouraging me ever since to do the same.

The pit, of course, is a result of kids, mortgages, health insurance, vacations, and all that other shit that makes me wish I was this guy. Not seeing a weekly paycheck in the future is nerve racking and a difficult hurdle to cross when making the transition. I’m sure several of you have felt the same.

I put the word out about my role change to a portion of my online network and YOWSA, what a response I got. I love love love my network. I’m serious. The best network EVER.

This may not be the best economy for making a change, but I really needed it. I’ve got some new projects and look forward to what the future holds. So, if you need skillz that kill and are not afraid of someone who uses words like clusterfuck, I’m your dudette ; )


My work at Brandon Hall Research will take me to the Marcus Evans CLO Summit April 11-13 in Braselton, Georgia. I’ll be presenting on cloud computing. Followed immediately by…

AITD National Conference in Sydney, Australia April 20-22 where I’ll be speaking on the topic of “E-Learning 2010: Innovation & Implementation” and leading a pre-conference workshop on social media tools for trainer’s.

Day 1…wish me luck.

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