A quiz for enterprise learning movers & shakers

Shuffle through Mary Meeker’s phenomenal research report on the state of the internet economy. (Thanks for the pointer, George Siemens.)

Be amazed.

Here’s the Quiz Question:

Name a single trend Mary Meeker describes that won’t have a major impact on your workscape.

Which trend can a director of human resources, CLO, or chief information officer cast off as irrelevant to helping people work smarter?

My answer: None of them.

This is the soup we swim in.

In the world Meeker describes, learning is the work. It’s been a mantra the Internet Time Alliance has chanted for years; now it’s happening.

Work = learning = work = learning = work = learning, forevermore. Get used to it. Or disappear.

We welcome your thoughts on this.

Couldn’t find big trends to ignore, could you?


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