A quick update on the Fast Food Strikes

Fast Food Strikes Spreading

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This post is especially important for members of management in the restaurant industry.

I would be astounded if you work in any part of management in the restaurant industry and haven’t already heard about this, but just in case, I wanted to do a post that summarizes some of the dramatic, ground breaking labor relations developments that have taken place over the last month or so in your industry.

Fast food workers are going on strike.   On April 4th in New York City, more than 400 fast food workers walked off the job, demanding wage increases, more hours, and the right to join a union without interference.  According to published reports, workers from 60 to 70 restaurants, including large brands like  McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut participated in the strike.  The strike action was organized by a group called Fast Food Forward.

On April 24th, a similar strike action took place in Chicago, as fast-food and retail workers took over downtown Chicago, demanding wage increases as part of The “Fight for $15 campaign” .  As in New York, this group was supported by a coalition of local community, labor and faith-based organizations — including the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, a group of downtown fast-food and retail workers that launched in November 2012.  Affected companies included big-name companies like Macy’s, Subway, Victoria’s Secret, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Nike.

In May, similar protests and strike events have been held in OaklandSt. Louis , and Detroit.  I’d click through the various links for the various cities to see more on who was impacted and how these events played out.





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