A Primer in Employee Engagement and Enterprise 2.0

Employee Engagement and Social Business Software

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From none of our business to it is our business. The use of social business software or Enterprise 2.0 tools for collaboration are growing within organizations. The challenge is to fully engage employees with these tools while ensuring their engagement in the tools is contributing to the value and values of the organization.

Historical overlaps. Having been very involved in social media for  6 years I see many parallels with the development of blogs and other social media tools. I will be writing regular posts on engagement and Enterprise 2.0.

Slide into Enterprise 2.0. As a visual introduction here is a well designed slideshow created by Acando Consulting out of Stockholm Sweden.

Preview. View the slideshow and pay attention to these sections:

  • Barriers to Enterprise 2.0 from ignorance to skepticism and power issues, etc.
  • Lessons to Learn:  Simplify and encourage communication and collaboration, etc.
  • Benefits of Enterprise 2.0 from improved discovery of information to collective intelligence, etc.
  • Key principles: Usability, conversation, freeform, recognition, etc.
  • Culture shift: Trust driven, etc.
  • Tools: Links, syndication, filters, etc.
  • Quotation from Tara Hunt: Data in the hands of a few make for order; but data in the hands of the many make for endless possibilities.

Enjoy the show:


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