A Powerful Lesson From Warren Buffett On How To Achieve Your Goals

One of the key responsibilities of leaders is helping their employees to achieve their goals. And yet, with all the distractions and increased demands we face, sometimes this is easier said than done. Thankfully, Warren Buffet has shared a surprisingly simply strategy to successfully achieve our goals, a strategy I share in this episode of my podcast, “Leadership Biz Cafe”.

Obviously, I don’t want to give it away here on my blog as I’d rather you listen to this edition of show’s feature “Leadership Espresso Shot”, which as the name infers are these short, but powerful segments that dive right in and give you some wonderful insights to improve the way you lead your team and organization.

And at only 11 minutes long, this episode is the perfect length to listen to as you go get a fresh cup of coffee (or tea for those tea drinkers out there) to either start your day or to keep the day going strong.

On a side note, I have to say I’m delighted by the response this new feature has been getting from my audience. As we’re fast approaching episode #10 of this feature, it’s wonderful to see how much listeners are enjoying these segments in between interviews with thought leaders and experts whose insights can help you succeed at leadership.

So thanks again for all the notes and comments and especially questions you’d like answered (keep them all coming!) and with that, get ready to hit play on this latest instalment of “Leadership Espresso Shot” on my podcast “Leadership Biz Cafe”. Enjoy!


Tanveer Naseer is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer and keynote speaker. He is also the Principal and Founder of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a leadership coaching firm that works with executives and managers to help them develop practical leadership and team-building competencies to guide organizational growth and development. Tanveer’s writings and insights on leadership and workplace interactions have been featured in a number of prominent media and organization publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Canada’s national newspaper “The Globe and Mail”, The Economist Executive Education Navigator, and the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

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