A New Understanding of Reality for Paul Krugman

Having lived and worked in three very different worlds, and having grown up in Kentucky, Michigan and Minnesota, I’d have to be terribly naive not to understand that cultures differ in values, style, priorities and relationships.  Getting things done in a small setting can be difficult though possible.  But getting things done with two parties, a boat load of left and right extremists, and a few moderates, is very, very difficult.So it was both amusing and intriguing to read what Paul Krugman, the Nobel prizewinning economist had to say after nearly a full year of Obama’s presidency:Now that we have people whose goals I share in power, I’ve seen what it actually takes to make policy change happen.  It’s pretty revelatory.  It’s one thing to do opinion pieces about the way things ought to be; it’s another thing to think about, O.K., given the makeup of the U.S. Senate, given the difficulties of getting people on board and of communicating stuff to the public what can you actually do?What can a president do?  He has to take what he can get!
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