A New Generation is Coming, Are you ready?

We have all seen the vast number of articles regarding the
interactions between the different generations in the workplace. We all
have our personal views regarding the roles of the Baby Boomers, Gen X ,
Gen Y or the traditionalists. But we are talking about an entirely
different generational mix then we are used to hearing about.

For the past 15 years, I have religiously read one business magazine cover to cover each and every month. When you book marked it on your PC or Mac it cam up as the Handbook for the Revolution. The February issues discussed a new generation called Generation Flux.

in Chaos Theory it suggests that you as HR professionals need to change
your perspectives. The idea of creating  precise long term business
model or expecting that your human capital assets are going to remain
part of your organization is dwindling. So what does this mean for our

The total organization, including HR, must learn to work in small segments. The article contains references from individuals who are part of this new generation which represent all ages.
They look at the business world from the view of what is going to
happen in the next several hours not fie or ten years down the road.
This means that HR needs to embrace change and realize that our future
as an organization is directly attributable to how well we adapt the
organization to this state of flux. Consider these options for your

  1. Employees with a constant pressure to learn new things
  2. Adaptation to changing environments that can happen in hours not years
  3. Short-term careers
  4. No guarantee that talent will stay in your industry
  5. Human Capital resumes are a collection of roads that have no clear path of direction. Revising the resume opens new paths.

What this means is that nostalgia is a thing of the past. The future
means we have to be ready at the drop of a dime to change our focus. We
need to shift our focus towards hiring as the moment requires and
understand when the need drops, the talent is going to move. It will
play havoc on our hiring plans. It will have an adverse effort on
succession planning. We can not rely on our HIPE employees being there
when the C-Suite retires.  We can not rely on the department staffing
needs to be placed on a plateau where we know who is going to fill the
needs of the future.

The generation flux is going to be the
indicator of the strength of our organization short term because that is
way we need to look. Command and control and management expecting to
have a strong presence in the wave of the future is winding fast.

our presentations on Six Sigma and HR, we focus on an analogy of the
fork in the road as the determining factor n the health of the HR
function.  With the introduction of the generation flux, this even more
true then before. We have a choice of staying the path of ” hey this is
the way we have always done it, and it works,” or taking the path of
moving with the flow which will cause us to review where we are, where
we are going and how we are going to get there–hourly. It means we need
to be able to assist the human capital assets to better prepared for the new world. Forget this attitude that we are not going to train them because they will just leave.They
are going to leave anyway. Help them solidify the next skill set that
goes in their backpack. These skills may be helpful in the next person
you hire.

Stop, take a moment to smell the roses and prepare for
the turbulent ride as we enter the world of Generation Flux. I highly
recommend that you click on the link and read about what Generation Flux could mean to your organization. Contribute to the discussion. Get involved in laying out the future of your organizations.


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