A New Center Of Gravity For Management?

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The Global Peter Drucker Forum 2013 suggested a new a center of gravity for management in the world, as thought leaders explored the implications of complexity

Jay Cross‘s insight:

Steve writes that "The most important thing that would have struck Peter Drucker is the shared passion for the importance of management. Management is often seen as a boring dreary subject. What was striking was that everyone here shares a passion for the transformation of leadership and management in organizations and is working towards that goal. Everyone here cares about management. We believe that management matters. We know that management affects more lives more profoundly than anything else our species does.


"Peter Drucker would see the fact that only 11 percent of the workforce is passionate about their work as nothing less than a human tragedy. Is this the best the human race can do?

He would also have endorsed Doris Drucker’s thought that the so-called Information Revolution is not really about information or even communication. It’s a much bigger idea. It’s about human behavior and human values."

"He would also have been struck by the common ground among people with very different backgrounds and different generations. He might say that we have validated some old truths and we have learned something, even if, as Richard Straub and Julia Kirby pointed out, we have often discovered how to formulate better questions than to give better answers. We have identified the key challenges ahead and we have pointed to a way forward."


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