A new book introducing a new theory: The Social Media Mullet Rule

Jessica Miller-Merrell Cover Image One of the privileges of being a ‘seasoned’ blogger is that I get advance copies of books, websites and (lately) phone apps that are due for imminent launch.

Now you will notice that I don’t do loads of reviews on my blog, and that is because if I don’t believe the product’s are really outstanding, or they are not relevant to you as the reader, then I won’t write about them on this blog – (fair enough I reckon!).

Recently, Jessica Miller-Merrell, a prolific and passionate HR blogger from the USA sent me a copy of her debut book – Tweet This! Twitter for Business – and I have to say that I enjoyed the read!

It is not an original subject matter (there are loads of Twitter books and ebooks out there), but it has been written in an easy to read format, and more importantly, from her own experiences consulting with companies, and based on solid business principles.

What I like is that it is has been aimed at small business owners and not-for-profit organisations, which is a market that could really benefit from a tool like Twitter.
She helps you through the process of creating a Twitter Marketing Plan, which is where a lot of people have a problem in using Twitter.

For all of you that like analogies (you know who you are), then you will love Jessica’s:

“I recommend to new business Twitter users that,just like the popular ’80s hairstyle the mullet, our tweets should follow what I call the Social Media Mullet Rule – Business in the front and party in the back.”
“Basically,keep most of your tweets professional and related to your business, roughly 70 percent of all tweets. The remaining 30 percent of your tweets should be personal while still allowing the reader to see your true authentic self. This allows your followers to see past the logo or marketing propaganda and find a commonality or interest that can solidify the business relationship or customer experience

I remember those days, although looking at my hair (or complete lack of it!) now, that may surprise some of you!

If you are interested in knowing more about the book, then she has a website to promote the book at – www.tweetingmybusiness.com.

I hope you enjoy the read – I did!

[Just for reference – I have no inducements, commissions or financial interest in recommending this book, I just thought it was worth sharing with you]

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