A Loud Shout-out to the Newest Bzzzzzzword :: Social Business Design

This has been a common conversation for me over the last 5 years or so…

Most People: What is it that you do again?

Me: I help companies operate and compete in a knowledge-based economy.

Most People: Huh?

Me: I work with companies on their learning,development, knowledge management, innovation, marketing, HR and other processes to help them do business now – which is much different than how businesses have ever operated in the past.

Most People: [blank stare]

Me: I’m a consultant.

Most People: Oh…I know what they do.

Although the above is exaggerated I’m not naive enough to think that the label ‘Social Business Design’ will cause the conversation to be too social network_3much different than it is now – but I strongly applaud the team at Dachis Group for coining the term and providing a rallying cry for a whole industry [software suites, authors, consultants, etc.] of folks that will contribute to transforming organizations for a landscape that has no boundaries and relies on relationships, ideas, conversations, knowledge and all things intangible.

Social Business Design may become the next buzzword but I think it’s a simple yet eloquent and descriptive term for the results required to compete in a knowledge-based economy.  So much so that we’re incorporating it in our communication about Orbital RPM’s offerings.

And while I lend credit to Dachis Group and Altimeter Group for energizing this arena I also thank and credit the following fields for their work in what I feel provides the foundation for a transformation to operating socially [representative honorees shown in brackets – there are way too many to list]:

  • Social Network Analysis [i.e. Rob Cross/Cross Networks Analytics, Valdis Krebs]
  • Value Network Analysis [i.e. Verna Allee, Value Networks and team]
  • Systems Thinking [i.e. Peter Senge/Pegasus Communications, iSee]
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology [i.e. Kurt Kraiger]
  • Organizational Design [i.e. Peter Drucker]
  • Scenario Planning [i.e. Art Kleiner]
  • Organizational Learning/Knowledge Management [i.e. Etienne Wenger, John Seely Brown, Jay Cross]
  • Leadership Development [i.e. Reg Revans, Steve Kerr, Michael Marquadt]
  • Workspace Design [i.e. Frank Becker, Charlie Grantham, Jim Ware, Camille Venezia]
  • Innovation [Peter Skarzynski, Rowan Gibson, Clayton Christensen]
  • Social Marketing [i.e. Charlene Li, Peter Kim]
  • Social Software developers/vendors

Combining insights from these [and other] fields brings a comprehensive solution to organizations wanting to become social businesses.  The timing is right to combine the best of what’s new [i.e. web 2.0 & social marketing] with age old approaches [i.e. communities & action learning] that will help with this transformation.

This is what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years.  Now we have a name for it.

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