A Little Magic in Healthcare?

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talentboost 2011 8 3Patient satisfaction scores are becoming more and more important every year. Each hospital or system obviously wants to have the best scores, but wanting and achieving are two enormously different things. So, how do we get there? A little razzle dazzle, rabbit’s feet, maybe a little magic? Probably not, but maybe it’s worth a try. Several major systems are turning to the entertainment industry for help with patient satisfaction scores. Not what you expected? I read an article the other day that talked about how several systems are pairing up with Walt Disney Co. for help. After all, when it comes to understanding the importance of customer service, not too many places are better than Walt Disney.

Late next year, Medicare will begin withholding 1 percent of its payouts to hospitals. This percentage will go in a pool of money to be paid out later as “bonuses” to hospitals that score well on several areas, one of them being patient satisfaction. This is only one striking example of how satisfaction scores can affect your hospital or system.

Think of the spin you could put on hiring consultants from Walt Disney Co, to come in and shake up your team with lots of creative ideas and positive energy to help your staff learn how to better control stress and see issues differently. The morale up-tick alone would motivate some staff, attract the highest quality new employees and would surely increase patient satisfaction scores. Add to that the actual training, and tools that could be added to your staff’s “tool box” and you are well on your way to seeing your scores improve.

So many mergers, so many buy outs, so many joint ventures, how about a fun, creative, invigorating concept that would help with morale and recruiting? Now I am sure it is not as cheap as the seminar next Tuesday on “Razzle Dazzle” or the “rabbit’s feet” decorating contest you were considering heading up, but nonetheless I leave you with this to consider, “If it’s a new problem, perhaps it demands a new approach. If it’s an old problem, it certainly does.” – Seth Godin

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Productions. Used with thanks, but not formal permission.

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