A little legal, a little social, a whole lot strategic (and Twinkies!) #LASHRM

English: Twinkies (Hostess Twinkies is a trade... Twinkies…currently extinct, but making a comeback!

Out of my mind on Wednesday morning…

 Is it a bird, a plane?  Was that a puff of white smoke? 

No, it was something even more elusive, the second blog post in the same week from yours truly. 

Why the sudden return from my state of semi-incommunicado-ness?   Two reasons..

Here is the important one:  


Hostess Brands will sell its snack cake brands, including Twinkies and Ding Dongs, to Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management, the Dallas Business Journal reports.

  And speaking of Ding Dongs, I also wanted to mention that I will be speaking at the upcoming 2013 Louisiana SHRM state conference, along with a bevy of my friends. I’ll be doing a presentation on “Extreme Organizing aka Labor Relations in the 21st century’.   It will be a little bit legal, a little bit social, and a whole lot strategic, so do come check it out.

I’d bring the Twinkies, but they still won’t be naking them yet!

 The 2013 Louisiana SHRM Conference on Human Resources will be held on April 8th/9th Baton Rouge River Center . Register here

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