A lack of motivation or a lack of development?

There is not a lack of motivation in the workforce today. There is a lack of development.

As a leader, whether onboarding a new employee or developing your current team, it is important for you to understand that when people wake up in the morning and they are preparing to come into your place of business, given the option, they would rather be awesome than average.

You and your organization screen your talent to ensure that you are getting a highly competent and committed new employee. The challenge for you is, once this talent arrives on your team, are you developing and growing them? If the people on your team are not growing, you need to assume the majority of the reason why is you.

Your primary responsibility is to develop more leaders.

I have a hard question for you. If I were to ask your team in private if you, as their coach, leader and direct supervisor, are investing in their development, what do you think they would say?

If even one member of your team says, “no,” “a little,” or “not enough,” then you are at an extreme competitive disadvantage.

People want to be able to excel. They want skills that make them more marketable.

When you provide skills that allow your team to create more authentic, personalized and flexible interactions – not only will they be more engaged, they will be enabled to solve all your customers’ problems, both internally and externally.


Jennifer Budinsky is the Director of Marketing Communications for Global Engagement Solutions whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences. Prior to joining GES Jennifer was the Communications and Marketing Manager at Green Living Enterprises, Canada’s leading cause marketing and event agency. She has a Master of Arts in Communication and Social Justice, and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Media and Film. She resides in Toronto, Ontario and spends her free time working as an actress on various television and film projects. Jennifer is an ambassador for encouraging people to create exceptional experiences in every aspect of their lives, from work to home to play!

Website: http://globalengagementsolutions.com

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