A key milestone: Mobiles pass TV as most essential media for under 25s

When referring to the shift from ‘old’ to ‘new’ media one piece of research I refer back to again and again is a question Ofcom (the UK equivalent to the FCC) regularly asks consumers – what one piece of media can you not live without?   I use it, as it is a stat that gets to the bottom of which media really matters to the consumer

Previous results showed that TV is still far in front with the Internet a  distant second and newspapers nowhere to be seen.   But for 18-25 year olds the results were somewhat different.   Mobile phones and not PC+Internet were in second place.   TV was in front, but not by much.

Now the situation has changed and an important milestone has been crossed:

TV remains the most-missed media for UK adults as a whole, although this has decreased from 50% in 2009 to 44% in 2010.   But for the first time, adults aged 16-24 mention using a mobile phone (28%) and using the internet (26%) ahead of watching television (23%).     Result – TV only campaigns are increasingly leaving consumers behind, and if you haven’t got a mobile element you are missing a lot of young adults completely.

Trust in social media increases

Another key stat, trust in information that you see on social media has increased.

34% trust what they read in newspapers, while 59% trust what they read on news websites.  As another study showed, online articles command more attention than their print equivalents – the two stats may well be connected.


However at the same time, more consumers now trust rather than distrust what they read on social networks – 36% vs 33%.   That trust is most likely to be highest among women, 16-35 year olds and ‘AB’ higher earners.

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