A fresh look at instructional design


Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting an ALT/eLearning Network webinar which featured two of my favourite commentators on the subject of instructional design, Cathy Moore and Patrick Dunn.

The theme for both speakers was very much shifting the emphasis in design away from information to experience. Both took fairly controversial positions. Cathy challenged us to see whether we could lose the information completely (don’t teach the knowledge when you can teach them to use the job aid); while Patrick maintained that nobody learns from content anyway, only from experience.

If you missed the webinar, ALT has made the recording and presentations available here. In addition, Patrick has made a narrated copy of his presentation, which is available on his blog.

By the way, a couple of years ago I interviewed both Cathy and Patrick as part of my series of Webcam Interview. Here’s Cathy’s interview and here’s Patrick’s interview.

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