A few of my favorite stories this week

So many great stories this week that it is a challenge to come up with my favorites.  However, in no particular order,  here are my favorites.

Parature for Facebook

This simple,  yet powerful, integration represents a positive step for customer service.  Customers will now be able to more easily engage with companies on their terms, where they are. The plus side for companies? The same thing, they do not have to leave their platforms to help customers. Also, their knowledge bases and ticketing systems remain centralize.

Lithium Acquires ScoutLabs

The Social Media Monitoring space is crowded and is quickly becoming commoditized. Community solutions must offer these capabilities and acquisition is the fastest way, especially when you can buy a great software company for discount store prices.  Having seen what Jive Software is doing with their acquisition of Filtrbox (will be nice) Lithium needed to make this move.

What’s next on the acquisition front?  These companies also need to make sure they have robust analytics to guide decision-making and to prove ROI to the executive suite.  Perhaps Lithium will look to a company like Twitalyzer next?

Facebook Security Concerns
Another week, another set of security concerns with Facebook.  Only time will tell if Facebook begins to take security seriously.  If not, this will give the opportunity for competitors to rise up much like Facebook itself did to Myspace when they began offering an open interface, through APIs, for third parties to build upon.
Text Translations Within Images

Google continues to innovate, building core capabilities that it will likely leverage across applications and core web services for years to come.  The newest innovation comes in the form of translation of text residing in images.  Google already does a great job of enabling sharing of content across languages, now that ability is extended further and the flow of knowledge is easier than ever.  Kind of reminds me of the Tower of  Babel…

Pringles, What Are You Thinking?

Pringle’s is beating up its own community, embarrassing fans who overshare.   Are you kidding me?  Nothing builds a loyal community better than fear tactics.

What’s New With Government 2.0?

Alex Howard provides a great review of the week on O’Reilly Radar, a must read.

What did I miss? Let me know.


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