A few more thoughts on EmpireAvenue

Duleepa ”Dups” Wijayawardhana, CEO at Empire Avenue, was driving through Boston today and we met for a cup of coffee to share thoughts on Empire Avenue, Social Collaboration, and the value of Starbucks coffee.

As you may recall, I wrote about Empire Avenue a short time ago and liked what I had heard, and seen, at that time. After chatting with Dups for another hour, I am more excited by the company than ever.  Here are a few reasons why you should be too.

The company has a long-range vision, a plan that looks out 3 – 5 years into the future.  This is not a company looking to exit in 18 months, this is a company that sees a place for itself in the future.  This is important for several reasons including:

  • They are building a real company, from marketing to business development to engineering.  They are focused on sustainability, solid business practices, and growth.
  • They are looking to build a scalable platform.  They are not throwing together a site that will last a short time, they are building for the future.

At about 3500 users the site is still tiny but I do expect this to pick up as they begin to execute on some of their near term business plans.

Dups, the entire EA team, myself, and many of the users of the site understand that EA is not just a game, but is a social network built around delivering value to individuals and organizations.  The ability to deliver value, in terms of revenue to all members of the system, from content providers to distributors, is a focus. The system is not there today but is heading in this direction.  I have already seen value through:

  • Another channel for content delivery.
  • Additional members joining my Facebook fan page, my LinkedIn group, subscribers to my blog.

This wins, while small, convince me that the platform hold potential. Think of EA as a new distribution platform for organizations and individuals.  This platform will further democratize information, enabling content producers of all sizes to earn value from their work….  Sounds kind of cool for a game….


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