A Facebook Social Recruiting Case Study for a Recruitment Company

Synergy Group Logo Earlier this year, The Synergy Group, a recruitment, training and consultancy solutions provider to the public and private sector employers across the UK, decided they needed to enter the world of social media. Their first step was to listen and learn – they attended a couple of social recruiting conferences to try and understand what it is all about. Fortunately, I was one of the speakers at both these of events, and subsequently they made contact regarding social media strategy at The Synergy Group.

The first stage was a social media workshop to explain to the management team what social media was and how their recruitment consultants could benefit from using social media as a recruitment tool. They then decided they wanted to create and develop a community on Facebook to engage with current candidates and attract new candidates.

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They chose the number one Facebook Recruitment specialist in the UK, Net Natives, to both build their  Facebook Pages and a Facebook Advertising campaign. Below is the Facebook Home page for The Synergy Group that was created:

Synergy Group Facebook Page Please note that all the images are custom designed links to other functional pages within The Synergy Facebook pages. Click here to visit The Synergy Facebook Page above.

Some of the other functionality built in to the pages includes:

  • On page Newsletter sign up and CV registration functionality, so the candidates do not need to leave the social environment
  • Dynamically generated branded job feed pages made using the Net Natives Facebook app
  • The clever use of the Net Natives Facebook moderation tool, to ensure that no profanity or spam is posted onto the Synergy Facebook wall and to flag up positive comments so the staff at Synergy can better engage
  • The creation of 1000s of Facebook adverts for various Facebook advertising campaigns using the Net Natives’ proprietary Facebook Advertising Tool.

So far the Facebook pages have been successful, and have delivered the following results:

  • Synergy’s Facebook page fans have increase by 215% within one month
  • Over 4.5 million relevant ad impressions were rendered against Synergy’s demographic on Facebook
  • Over 1,395 Facebook users clicked on these adverts
  • Facebook is the 7th highest referring site to the Synergy Group website, ahead of their job boards only behind the major search engines and job aggregators.
  • Those candidates coming to the Synergy website from the Synergy Facebook page have spent more time, on average, on Synergy’s website than those coming from any of the other top 10 referring sources including Google.

Obviously it is early days – but The Synergy Group are really pleased with their move into social media, in particular Facebook.

So if you are a recruitment company and still don’t think that Facebook can be used for recruiting, I hope this case study, which is one of the first will show you that Facebook is a place you need to be!

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