A Devilish Experiment

He’s loud, boorish, opinionated, and priggish but he’s still the SPCA’s poster child. In the same manner that turned a hoop star into an even bigger brand – Be Like Mike – the Recruiting Inferno is now at the forefront of social media experimentation…

Does “Being Mike” actually help your personal brand?

For instance, Brenda sent me a DM after she changed hers: “I’ve gotten about 10 new followers with animal’s avatar…hmmm? Which means mine must be a real turn off?”

Well Brenda, yes and no but let’s find out how much an influence Mr. Animal truly is.

To participate, all you have to do is change your Twitter avatar to one of these of the Recruiting Animal that most closely embodies who you are:


Clockwise from top left to right, we have Original, Bald, Blonde, Gay, Redhead, and Mohawk.

You know the drill: Save the picture you want to use to your hard drive then go into your Twitter settings and change your picture. Then sit back and watch the followers flock to you! Or not…

Just be prepared to deal with the shock when someone comes back to you with a message that sounds “right” but with an avatar that makes you wonder whether you mistakenly sent a delicious Tweet to a person who would have no problem with telling the world what kind of idiot you are.

Oh the heart palpitations!

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