A community post for the community, demo preparation

I reached out to my friends on twitter and asked them how they prepare for a customer demo.  Here are a few responses, each less than 140 characters.  I hope you find value in their advice, I know I did.

  • Just have complete faith in what you’re showing and avoid saying anything about competition @Wi_FiMan
  • If you were demo’ing mw with a thin client – latency would be my Q @ElliotRoss
  •  I like to pray to the gods of live demo’s before I go in front a live client, always looking for good demo Karma :-) @NFortlage
  • Get an iPhone, have laptop on the stand for the demo & stay tuned!!!! backchat is fatal! @Tracy_Falke
  • focus on their needs not how great you are @JohnEstrella
  • have a backup ready. Best is a screen recording on which you can then do a live voice-over @Arvid
  • ideally, you should be able to talk to your demo/slides without reading anything on the screen. HTH @Ozziemedes


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