A Brief Burnout Buster: Stop, Drop, and Roll

Imagine that just about every day at work you feel exhausted, cynical, and you do not seem to be making a difference. These are strong indicators that you may be burning out at work. Perhaps it is time to use the same 3-steps you would use if you literally were on fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Stop: Come to a complete stop and take stock of your experiences and emotions surrounding work and yourself. If you are burning out, failure to stop what is going on can intensify job strain and and can lead to a variety of negative physical and emotional consequences.

Drop: Determine what internal or external demands can be dropped. These demands can take the form of hassles, threats, conflicts, and other demands. Is it possible to drop some of your workload and expectations?

Roll: Burnout can stop us dead in our tracks. To get rolling again determine the resources you need to marshal to have a positive and constructive relationship with your work. Often others can play a big role in helping us to get rolling again.

I am sure you can identify, create, and implement your own applications and nuances of using stop, drop, and roll as personal nudges to bust up the negative experiences surrounding burnout.


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