9 unsuccessful social media strategies and one good one

One out of ten ain’t bad

and it’s the one that counts the most in my book. Everything else is just stuff.

1. I have a tendency to over-share.
2. I think I am funnier and cuter than I really am.
3. Despite my best intentions, I don’t use an editorial calendar.
4. I never check my metrics for any reason other than personal vanity.
5. I don’t post at the optimal times to get the best click rates. I usually post when I am bored, standing in the elevator or when I am awake at 3 am due to insomnia.
6. I check my Klout score at least once a month. (hey, McDonald’s sent me a $5 gift card once that I gave to a hungry homeless guy. Not sure I did him any favors)
7. I retweet myself frequently, mostly to irritate Frank Zupan.
8. I fantasize about being more strategic with my social media strategies, but lack the strategic vision to effectively implement the plan, and mostly don’t ccare.
9. I am an irregular curator of obscure topics, and i seldom meet my own deadlines…like my new blog launch which was going to be March 10th. Nope….not so much.

10. I am my own authentic self on all my social media channels every day, good or bad. And mostly that’s what matters, to me!

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