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8:55 Train | Change is a Marathon Worth Running

You can find out more about Riley and his “8:55 Train” journey at the end of this post…

Changing who you are and how you live is not a sprint, it is a marathon. I am learning this facet of life more than ever in trying to become a healthier person. When I started this journey about five months ago I knew this change in who I am was going to push me and test me everyday. Many times I have passed that test and reached new levels of happiness by reaching my goals. I transformed myself by losing 10% body fat and 55 pounds. A great start to a very long journey. I am finding out now more than ever that being dedicated is going to take my entire life, not just a few months, to become a new person.

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Since my last blog update I have stalled. It is hard for me to admit it but I have. Weight training with Bri has evolved to a new trainer named Kasey. Bri decided to join us here at TSheets and I am so thrilled to have my trainer and friend a part of the Customer Experience team. During the time she was transitioning, however, I did not have a trainer and did some weights on my own or with friends, but nothing to the extent of what Bri and I had been working on. Now with Kasey, it may be that I have not had a real training session for three weeks or that I have been slipping with my daily dieting goals, but it feels like Kasey is pushing me harder than I have ever been pushed. In our first training session I was out of breath and light headed only half way through. It was a great wake up call to me. This change cannot take breaks, it cannot be a part-time event and I knew that when I started. Feeling it is something entirely different. Feeling like you are doing everything you need to and then slipping on the second step tends to bring the senses back to where they need to be.

It is getting closer to Summer and I just turned 26. I want 25 to have been my last year of being the person I was. I want 26 to be the start of my golden 20’s where I can take my shirt off in the sun and not be ashamed of people staring at me. I don’t want being ashamed of the way I look to influence the choices I make. The stall I have experienced over the last few weeks reminded me of my past endeavors to lose weight and how they failed. They failed because I gave up and no one was around me to keep me going. With the support team I have now with TSheets, Idaho Athletic Club, and I have no excuse. Even switching trainers should not have been an excuse for me to take a break from weights. It is on me to make this change. I can have all the support in the world but unless I make this commitment to the long run, then nothing will change. It is getting more and more difficult for me to stay on track, but I think that is a good thing. It is a good thing to know it’s not going to be hard, it’s going to be extremely hard.

I think the time for maintenance on this TSheets train is over, and we need to get her rolling on the tracks once again. I now know I am not a passenger on this train, I am the engineer. It will be my decisions that keep the train operational or keep her from her destination. I’ve got my second wind and I do not want to fail.

Lets. Get. This. Done.


About the 8:55 Train Blog Series: This blog post, and the rest you’ll see in the 8:55 Train series, are not “typical” in that you wouldn’t expect to read a journey to better personal health in a time tracking blog. But like so many experiences, they resonate with all of us in one way or another – whether personally or professionally. Meet Riley – a TSheets employee who struggles with his weight and with the help and generosity from, Idaho Athletic Club, and TSheets is on a journey he wants to share with the world.

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