8 Tips to Job-seekers on Dressing for a Successful Interview

Got an interview with a great organization? Don’t let this golden opportunity slip away by dressing shoddily and disappointing your future employer. This post presents a few tips on dressing perfectly for the interview and upping your chances of scoring that job.

1. Know the Work Setting

Before you go for the interview, it is important to prepare for it. One important factor that you will need to consider is the work setting that the company abides by. Additionally, you will do well to learn about the premises and the office style.

An open-space office often implies that the company probably doesn’t have a very formal setup. If, on the other hand, the company is more into maintaining traditions with certain specific attributes, you know it has a strictly formal setup. The way the office staff is dressed can also tell you a lot.

2. What’s the Dress Code?

Apart from the work setting, it is also important to learn about the dress code, if any. Don’t take this aspect for granted or base it on presumptions. A company with a semi-open office space may just have a strict dress code policy.

You may want to inquire about this with the company representative who calls and informs you of the interview. By doing so, you will get a fair idea of the company’s expectations from employees and be better prepared to meet them. You can also look up the company on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn to find out more about this.

3. Figure Out Your Attire

For a casual or a semi-casual office setup and dress code, you will do well to wear a well-fitted chambray shirt, a pair of smart ankle-length trousers. A blazer may or may not be worn.

When it comes to dressing for a formal setup, you will have to exercise immense caution. Wearing a classical bespoke suit in a natural fiber such as wool or cotton should do the trick. While black may be too formal for an interview, a navy or a medium-dark gray suit can work wonders.

Two-button suits are the professional standard. Pinstripes work well too, but only if you wear suits regularly. When buying your first suit, it is suggested to stick to the basic one.

The fit of your suit jacket is crucial. It should sit well on your torso and your shoulders. The sleeves should end right at your wrist. Any longer than that and it’ll just look sloppy.

When buying a bespoke suit, it makes sense to get yourself a custom-made dress shirt to go along with it. A white one will do just fine.

Try on the shirt and the suit jacket together to get the perfect fit. Do they fit comfortably? If so, size down until you reach a size that you know is too small. Buy a size larger than the one which does not fit.

When it comes to the pants, pick one that sits right on top of your shoe. And buy a pair that’s larger than smaller as it is easy to get it altered that way. More often than not, the pants will come unfinished, which you can get hemmed to the desired length.

4. Skip the Accessories

Focus on dressing to look polished and professional when appearing for an interview. Keep the accessories to a minimum. Else, you’ll run the risk of being remembered for dressing badly, rather than your skills and attitude by the interviewer.

Unless, it is a pair of interesting socks and a statement watch, leave the accessories at home. Match the color of your belt with that of your shoes. Bigger belt buckles are considered casual, so choose carefully.

5. Make the Shoe Shine

A pair of dark-colored lace-up leather shoes works best for interviews. Black shoes look smarter than brown; but, a pair of chic brown shoes can go extremely well with a navy suit. Make sure they’re clean, polished and fit you well.

6. Add to the Mane Attraction

Looking neat and clean is an important part of grooming for the interview. This is why you need to ensure that you get a good haircut/trim from a barber you trust.

Your beard and/or moustache also need to be shaved/trimmed. When shaving, take care not to cut yourself and try to prevent a razor burn with a good aftershave. That should make you look suave, thereby increasing your confidence.

7. Manicure for Men

As far as your nails are concerned, men’s manicure isn’t unheard of. Get that done, if you’re comfortable with the idea. Make sure your nails are neatly cut and cleaned.

8. Smell Well

While it is important to smell good, you need to ensure that you do not suffocate your prospective employer in the interview room with your loud perfume. A little bit of cologne is okay. Too much scent can be overwhelming, and even offensive if your interviewer happens to be sensitive to particular smells.


The way you dress has an immediate impact on the mind of the onlooker, who is quick to form a first opinion of you. Your interview attire can be highly instrumental in getting you the job of your dreams. Dress with the above tips in mind for your next interview and you’ll surely increase your chances of acing it and earning the job.


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