8 Tips On How To Get A Promotion

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When starting at a new company you want to make your mark and get known as the “go getter” and “go to guy/gal”.

We put together a list which will help you with your goal and hopefully make it a bit easier.

Excel in your position

Working hard and doing your job should be your first priority. Don’t take extra work if you cannot finish the current work you are doing already.

Usually, promotion reviews concentrate on how well you are performing currently, are you doing your job and are you excelling and doing more than you were assigned to?

Be part of the team

Someone asking for help with a project? Don’t’ even hesitate to offer your assistance. Keeping in mind though whether you have time to do it.

If your task list for projects is already full then politely decline but offer advice if you can. People at the office will see you as a team player if you pull your weight and help where you can.

Don’t be late for work

One of the golden and most basic rules at your business. Be on time! If your employer sees you arriving late for working every second day you will be seen as a slacker.

When you are on time you are seen as being disciplined and prioritised. Even if you aren’t reprimanded on the spot it will most definitely creep up someday and bite you.

Continue Your Education

Many companies offer the opportunity to study development classes to their employees. Snatch every opportunity they present and study hard.

Improving yourself and your work will be a great advantage when you are up for review. It will show that you are willing to improve yourself so that you can utilize what you have learned at the office.

Put pride and passion in everything you do

Work hard and show pride in your work. Don’t show off with your latest achievement but be sure to let people know that you enjoy your work and that you have a passion and a drive for what you do.


Build relationships with your co-workers and your employer and get to know their true personalities.

Go with them when they schedule a work get together and especially go when they have organised a camp trip for the whole office.

Understanding someone’s personality and how they will react to certain circumstances will work in your favour.

Follow the correct procedures

Don’t presume that you will get the position just because you know the manager well. Make it fair and follow the same procedures as the rest of the staff applying. This way, the people working with you won’t be able to hold it against you and will acknowledge that you obtained the position fairly.

Don’t presume you’re going to get the job. The company may be considering external candidates as well as other employees for the job.

Update your CV and create a cover letter for the position.

Discuss With Your Boss

Talk with your manager or director before applying for the position, so that they know that you wish to apply for the position and they can have time to think about your proposal.

Once you get that promotion be sure to thank and say goodbye to your co-workers. They might have helped you in the past with some work so the decent thing would be to show gratitude. Keep in touch and don’t burn bridges, you never know when you have to go back.

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