8 Hilarious iPad Parodies That Will Crack You Up

Internet is currently awash in iPad parodies. Steve Jobs is either very happy or very sad or somewhere in between, depending on what time of the month it is. [sorry]

Please agree with me when I say that all this ridicule could have been avoided if iPad was called iSlate or iTablet. Maybe in future we will find out that iPad was really named something else but because of so many leaks and rumors, it was named iPad.

Until then, enjoy the creative geniuses…

Obama: State of the iPad Address

CollegeHumor Team

Pee-wee gets an iPad

Apple’s latest invention, iPad

Little misplaced because iPad can’t make phone calls but what if it could?

Steve Jobs impersonator introduces the iPad.

Hitler responds to the iPad

This video below by MadTV was done in 2006. Does it make sense that no one from Apple watched this video on YouTube?

Did I miss an iPad parody? Tell me about it…

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