7 Tips to Mastering Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for increasing sales as well as for growing membership in your Facebook fan pages (again, ultimately to grow revenue).  The author goes into good detail on these seven facts, read on through to explore in more detail:

  1. There are two primary destinations that can be advertised through Facebook
  2. Ad costs and impressions are heavily influenced by click-through rate
  3. Targeting friends of connections increases the relevance of your ad
  4. Facebook advertising takes time
  5. An “Action” is an in-ad Like
  6. Daily budget and daily spend limit are not the same
  7. You’re not the only person who can access and edit your Facebook ad dashboard

Are there other key points people should keep in mind?

7 Tips to Mastering Facebook Advertising Terry Lozoff, Pres/CEO of Antler Advertising on Facebook can be a cost-effective means of bringing new people to your fan page. To truly harness the value of Facebook advertising, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to test, analyze, monitor and tweak your ads. Do this and you may just find a sea of opportunity waiting for your brand, company or event. The biggest challenge with Facebook advertising is maximizing the efficiency of your ads … Read More

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