7 Steps to High Performance Teams

Team Building & Leadership expert michael cardusCreate-Learning Team Building works with you to build the team and individuals, while working on team projects. This is real work while your team is solving real problems and accomplishing real goals.


Resulting with increased team productivity, on-time completion of team projects, and people who know how to repeat the success that they experienced.

The 7 Steps to High Performance Teams process is designed to take your team from where it is, to increased performance. While developing team systems that will drive the behavior needed for continued success.

This system has created significant results for many teams.


7 Steps to High Performance Teams

People on teams MUST have clear lines of accountability and authority. Knowing who does what-by-when within the prescribed standards and limits. People on teams NEED to know what they are individually responsible for and what others expect from them. People on teams NEED to see the connection of the teams, their own, and the organizations goals for the work to be valued, and accomplished within quality and time specifications.

This process makes your team better.

What is the purpose of our time together?

To supply you with tools and techniques to create and lead resonant, high performance teams that produce profits and results.

To discover ways to increase retention of talent, decrease completion time of projects and tasks, and improve satisfaction with work and life, thereby making your organization, team, and you better and more profitable.

You will learn how to hone, utilize, and develop interpersonal and political skills that are needed for more than successful completion of projects and goals, leading to an increase in your value to the team and organization.


You will walk away from with;

  • How to develop and lead high performance teams; With a prescriptive model that can be applied and utilized. 
  • Facilitative leadership of teams.
  • Effective prevention and intervention methods of maladaptive team member behaviors.
  • Steps to create “buy in” for the team projects from people who are outside the team.

Learn how your firm can benefit from Create-Learning’s Corporate Team Building Programs. Feel free to email or call us at 1-716-629-3678.


Specific Content + Application Areas…

  • Below is a sample of specific Team Building and Leadership areas that can be focused on for improved team performance. The list is not comprehensive and Mike works with your team and you to determine what is best suited for your team and leadership.

Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Teams

  • Pitfalls common to all teams
  • High Performance Teams Model and its application
  • Define Roles & Responsibilities of team members and people who are not directly on the team BUT whose input in needed for success.
  • Task Initiated Role Responsibilities (TIRR) – are cross-functional relationships in which A is authorized to initiate B’s doing something but where it is B’s manager and not A who is held accountable for whether or not B does it and for B’s output. TIRR define who can do what to whom. These are generally lateral or horizontal relationships.

Team Leader

  • Facilitative leadership
  • Exploration of content vs. method and ways of providing evaluations and feedback on both
  • Establishment of team ground rules
  • Agendas for agreement
  • Decision Making Methods
  • Dealing with project de-railing behaviors of team members
  • Team prevention and intervention strategies
  • Managing Individual and Problem Complexity within teams.

Managing Team Projects

  • Getting buy-in from people outside of project team
  • Defining and showing relevance to project stakeholders
  • Influence Strategies
  • Communication with people outside the team who’s help is needed
  • Pitfalls of emails to projects and how to avoid them
  • What to do when you are not getting cooperation


Learn how your firm can benefit from Create-Learning’s Corporate Team Building Programs.  Feel free to email or call us at 1-716-629-3678.  We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a meeting to discuss how we can address your company’s specific corporate team building needs.



"I had attended a few retreats and participated in several team building exercises over the years. Quite frankly, I did not expect much prior to this retreat. I am still amazed at how Mike’s fun and engaging personality, his strength based approach to working with individuals and teams, and his careful choice of exercises that have relevance to the context of the meeting turned me into a believer. We started as 5 individuals and we left the retreat a TEAM. Great job, Mike."

– Unity Health Systems

"Our goal for team building was met, without question.”

– US Consumer and Business Insights, McDonald’s USA

“Michael managed to get newly formed teams started up and equipped with the tools we will need to establish a successful group process. Michael manages to combine real content with a light note and most importantly some brief but very insightful exercises to apply the newly acquired wisdom and – importantly – illustrate where things can go wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend Michael Cardus’ Create-Learning to anybody seeking to build successful teams.”

Global Category Director – Cardiopulmonary, Welch Allyn, Inc.

“We utilized Michael’s services for team building and executive coaching. Our entire management team found Michael to be energizing, engaging and extremely astute. He helped our team to formulate realistic project plans to enhance our bottom line. Michael is very bright and brings out the best in people. His services were invaluable to our Agency.”

– Consumer Credit Counseling Counseling Service of Buffalo inc.


Contact Create-Learning Team Building

Learn how your firm can benefit from Create-Learning’s Corporate Team Building Programs. Feel free to email or call us at 1-716-629-3678. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a meeting to discuss how we can address your company’s specific corporate team building needs.

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7 Steps to High Performance teams.

I facilitated 7 steps to High Performance teams. Above is the presentation that the OD network of Western NY was guided through. While we did not get to everything, we had amazing discussions about “training vs. Learning” and sharing models with teams.

Additionally here are some further links of interest that were mentioned during the presentation;


Contact Mike for more information – I am happy to share and learn from you.

Also a special thanks to Christine Cardus for making scones.

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