7 Reasons I Like the Human Capital League

Several months ago I joined the Human Capital League, which bills itself as “an online community for workplace management professionals.” It’s an aggregate of selected posts from more than fifty bloggers in the Human Resources, Training, and Leadership Development arenas. Some of my favorite bloggers in these disciplines are routinely featured on the site: Mary Jo Asmus, Sharlyn Lauby, and Dan McCarthy to name a few.

The site was created by Jerry Bowles, a writer experienced in building online communities. Jerry also acts as the site’s editor; he does a great job of curating the content to feature a wide range of workplace topics.

Here are 7 reasons why I routinely return to Human Capital League:

  1. Membership is free.
  2. Great one-stop shopping to get a pulse on what’s new the world of “people practices”.
  3. If you’re a blogger, you can set up your RSS feed to stream into the site.
  4. Non-bloggers can still participate by registering and posting comments. I once got a comment to my blog post in Portuguese and had to tweet out a request for translation J
  5. Fun workplace-themed cartoons by Hugh McLeod.
  6. Nifty badge for your website.
  7. Jerry’s LinkedIn profile says, “I am only interested in working with smart, nice people.”


If any of these reasons appeal to you, go on over to the site now to check it out.  If you’re already a member, drop a comment below— what do you enjoy about being a member of the Human Capital League?

Disclaimer: Yes, my blog posts are featured on the Human Capital League site. However, I’ve not been asked to promote the site, nor will I receive any compensation for mentioning it here on The People Equation. Like Jerry, I enjoy working with smart, nice people and this seemed like a nice thing to do.

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