7 Key Organizational Engagement Drivers

To create sustainable results with engagement make sure that you are …

• Providing learning that develops the skills that make your employees more marketable, ideally internally, but maybe someday externally.

• Ensuring there is proper differentiation in how you rate performance amongst your employees. There is nothing worse than polluting the winner’s circle with low performers.

• Removing obstacles or policies that can negatively affect employee engagement.

• Leveraging your employees’ distinct abilities and ensuring the right people are in the right role.

• Ensuring that leadership styles and competencies are aligned to motivate and enable your employees.

• Focusing on non-monetary rewards such as career growth, recognition and learning opportunities.

• Creating and communicating a clear link between performance and rewards within your work group and organization.

Remember, you will know when you have engagement when everyone in your organization (yes, including you) is doing the right thing, at the right time, the right way, for the right reason.

Most importantly, the organizations that create high employee engagement consistently create more memorable and profitable customer experiences!

Check out some worldwide drivers of Employee Engagement  below :



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