6 weeks to go and the thought of emulating James Bond is now getting damn scary

In six weeks time – 21st July, to be precise, I am doing something that my body might regret later!  A year ago when I started planning this, my talk was bold and the nerves were holding strong, but now the concept of jumping of this……

Verzasca Dam

….attached to a bungee rope, is starting to give me a few things to think about!  (Any underwear sponsors would be welcome….)

And just to make matters worse, my daughter Bethany is doing it as well!!

As bad as the jump is, I am going to make it more interesting because I will be wearing my Worthing Crocman outfit (obviously minus the head!), that ‘flew off the Worthing Pier’ last year!! >>>>>>>>> This time my flight time will be a 7.5 seconds freefall, 750 feet down the dam face, not about 1 second into the sea!!

This is better known as The Goldeneye Bungee Jump, and it is situated at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. If you want to see what is is store for me then this video here should give you a good idea, why not to do what I am going to do!! (It is not trick photography – this is THE SAME jump I will be doing..)

Please don’t think I am doing this for fun – I am pushing myself to my limit 9and beyond!), just to raise money for a charity that is VERY close to my heart – Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. The reason is simple, my younger brother David (see my post Why I miss my brother) died from leukaemia in Christmas 2007, and I want to raise money for the charity so future sufferers of this horrible blood cancer have a chance of survival.

I need your help to help me jump. I want to raise so much money that it literally forces me off the edge of the Verzasca Dam in 6 weeks time!!

There are  thousands of you that read my blog every week, and all I am asking is if each of you could make a small donation (obviously larger if you want to) via my just giving page , with your accompanying good luck message, then my 750 ft leap off the dam, will mean so much more, knowing my blog community has helped me do it.
Alternatively (UK only) you can pick your phone up now and text CROCMAN to 84459 to make a small donation. Texts will be charged at £3 (usual text charges apply).

My brother died because not enough was known about the form of leukaemia he had. It was horrible watching him pass away over nine months, and I want to do everything I can to help others to not have to go through what he (and his family) went through.

So please help me achieve my goal, of helping other blood cancer sufferers have a longer life.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support! And obviously thanks to all those that have sponsored me so far.

For those of you that want to follow my story over the next six weeks, including photos and videos, culiminating with the jump (and post jump hysteria/nausea (not sure which yet) then make sure you:

Follow Worthing Crocman on Twitter; become a fan of the Worthing Crocman Facebook page and stick the Worthing Crocman blog in your RSS reader by clicking on this link ( A big thanks to Sara who manages all the social media side of Worthing Crocman.)

Remember the link – Worthing Crocman Just Giving Page

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