6 Ways Instructors Embrace Learning Management Systems

Instructor LMSIt is easy to say that software makes online learning possible, but this does not take into account the people behind successful training. In reality, instructors can make or break online learning experiences. Even with a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) in place, the training will not be effective if the instructor is absent.

More often than not, trainers are happy to embrace LMSs because they see them as valuable tools for moving the learning process forward. For instructors who want to make the most of training with online platforms, here are six ways to fully utilize LMSs:

  1. Establish expectations – It is important for the instructor to layout goals of the course, expectations he or she has and the ethics everyone ought to uphold. These guidelines are often welcomed by students who see them as requirements of the course.
  1. Guide discussions – In addition, students expect instructors to facilitate group conversations. It increases the sense of credibility learners have in the course when someone is available to affirm and correct them. After all, the instructor is seen as the expert on the training subject matter and adds value to discussions.
  2. Offer support – Instructor ought to go above and beyond when offering support to learners. When a proper system of support is established, learners are more likely to embrace content, even as it grows in complexity.
  3. Provide timely feedback –Learners in online courses have reported feelings of isolation when their work did not receive immediate feedback. On a platform where messages can be sent and received instantaneously, it is unprofessional to delay feedback.
  4. Communicate effectively – People appreciate the variety of communication channels that are available through learning management systems. Public discussions, one-on-one realtime chats and web conferences are a few of the channels instructors ought to use to interact with trainees.
  5. Require participation – People are busy. Unless participation is required, learners may be inclined to overlook the importance of an eLearning course. More so, it has been reported that students are more engaged in courses when their participation is required.

Online communities are best built in the trusted care of attentive, active instructors. Those who want to effectively train employers will use a learning management system to establish expectations, guide discussions, offer support, provide timely feedback, communicate effectively, and require participation.

With easy-to-use admin tools, a trainer can leverage the LMS to benefit learners and the training course. TOPYX® is a social learning management system that recognizes the importance of human connection in learning communities. With this award winning learning management system, instructors are sure to get the most out of their online training plans. Request a free demo of TOPYX to see the value it can add to workplace training.

Instructors who approach online learning with traditional classroom values are positioned to establish strong online training centers. These six points are reminders of what to incorporate when instructors want to educate and encourage learners.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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