6 Reasons Networking is Important for a Professional Development

What does career networking actually mean? It means using your academic and personal contacts in order to find a job, learn more about your field or anything that might help you achieve your professional goals. It can be a great way to hear about potential job openings, regardless of your employment status. Career networking can be very important in your professional life. Let’s see what benefits it brings!

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1. Friendship

Not all benefits are material. Naturally, when we think about professional goals, some of the most common thoughts involve money, better job positions and generally doing everything that will bring us one (or both). However, we tend to forget the importance of friendship. Those who have it usually take it for granted, and those who don’t, have no idea what they’re missing. Knowing that you can share your ideas, fears and problems related to work and having that person understand is such a safe feeling. Sometimes we really need someone to have our back or give us a little push when we are in a rut. No man is an island, and this is the truth.

2. Opportunities

This is an essential part of networking – opportunities. We are speaking about job offers, partnerships, seminars and any possible kind of collaboration related to your field of work. If you are not receiving offers, it means that you haven’t made a good network and you should work on that. If this is the case, check your contact list. It should have your past and present coworkers, managers, and employees, basically anyone you ever worked with. Also, your customers and clients, as well as past teachers and professors. Adding people from your personal life is a good idea, too. Your friends and family, even acquaintances can find their place in your network. Put anyone who can influence your career path in any way!


3. Advice

Your network can be the source of information as much as it can be a place to get free and valuable advice. If you have a good network, you can find excellent career advice and a consult whenever you need it! Of course, every relationship is based on the give-and-take principle. So, if you want to benefit from your network, you also need to give back. Invest your time and attention into your network and it definitely will pay off!

4. Help

Without a doubt, networking allows you to feel more comfortable in your career life. Having assistance when you need it is quite the convenience. Of course, you should offer and provide your help to other members of your network, in order for them to gain your trust and realize you are reliable and also make them want to help you.


5. Positive Influence

This is not some self-help book moto, it is real. Positive mental attitude attracts good things. We spoke to a house inspection company – Compare Inspections, which has a great professional network, and they confirmed this theory. It’s the same with companies as well as people. If you surround yourself with grumpy pessimists, your motivation will significantly decrease and you won’t be accomplishing much. However, if the people around you are happy and full of enthusiasm, the general atmosphere will affect you, too. This will encourage you to thrive and become even better at what you do.

6. Confidence

Networking on a regular basis also makes you practice your social skills which will in return increase your confidence. Staying active inside your network includes conversing with many contacts, old and new. It forces you to put yourself in various situations. Some of them are not pleasant and some demand problem solving and fast thinking. Basically, being actively involved in your network keeps you out of your comfort zone. This leaves a permanent effect on your personality. It makes you stronger, more independent and even more competent. Plus, confidence is a natural consequence of these events.

One of the key things related to networking is patience. It takes time and a lot of effort to create a well-functioning network that will bring you all the benefits you expected. Nevertheless, stay active and persistent, work on your network constantly and the results will certainly follow!


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