6 out of 10 of Your Customers will leave you!

If that is not scary enough, consider the following.

I still believe organizations, their leaders and thus the front line lose sight over both the mission and the purpose of an organization, which is to create and delight customers.

This is especially compounded and exasperated if you are part of a publicly traded company where customers often are lost in the quest to create quarterly shareholder value.

Often times, I think this poor service is a direct result to the bad supervisory to front line relationships.

If we treat our people as if they are expendable resources, which is the opposite of treating them like celebrities and providing them rock star recognition, then how could we ever expect them to treat our customers like the most important person in the world?

Even if the organization gets their purpose, their leaders are enlightened and aligned it is still a challenge for a front line provider to create delight when dealing with the same issue 55 times a day

This is when it takes commitment and focus to understand that each interaction is an opportunity to create delight.


6 out of 10

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