6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

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Every single day, people are talking about your business, so being a business owner it is crucial that you keep a constant track about the changing opinions of the people, whether they are praises or negative remarks about your business. For this purpose, many online reputation management (ORM) tools are being used widely.

Although, online reputation management still needs to get matured as there are number of monitoring tools born every day. Some of them are worthy enough to be used while some are not, so let’s check out some of the worthy online reputation monitoring tools.

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The most powerful tool for the online reputation monitoring tool today is the Trackur, with this unique online monitoring technology, you can trace out the web contents related to your mentions by simply setting up a search and the Trackur will search in all the traditional and social media websites delivering you the results via Trackur dashboard, RSS, email or CSV export.
I believe, the best feature a Trackur offers is that it runs every 30 minutes delivering a graph keeping you up to date with the changing sentiments of the people about your business.

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Google alert:

Today, Google alerts is considered to be the easiest way to trace something on the way, Google alerts notifies when the contents from news, web, blogs, video, discussion groups etc. matches the user’s specified search and the results are delivered through web feed, email or mentioned on the users iGoogle page, but only provides content from Google search engine.

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Monitor this:

Monitor this, an online monitoring service through which you can subscribe to 20 search engine feeds at a time. You just have to enter any term and click on the “make monitor.opml” which will provide you with the list of RSS feeds in OPML format.

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Social Media Fire hose:

The main difference between Social media firehose and Monitor this is the websites they search, as the name suggests, social media firehose is more inclined towards social media websites such as Digg, freindsfeed etc. and the best thing about this is that, here you don’t need to get involved with the OPML file format.

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Social mention:

Similar in many ways with the Trackur, social mention searches for the mentioned keywords all over the web and the result will be emailed to you along with the result summaries. It will not only separate your search results according to where your brand is observed but also alert you when someone saves a link from your website or shared on stumbleupon.

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Twitter Clients:

It is impossible if you don’t know about Twitter clients, people are using Twitter clients such as Tweet Deck, Seesmic or HootSuite to keep track of their brands or the keywords. Tweet deck is the most famous Twitter application with 19% market share according to the latest stats of june 2009.

The thing which I like most about Twitter clients is that you can reply to the people commenting about your brand, this makes it a best reputation management tool. The other clients such as cotweet which allow multiple people to reply the tweets at the same time, what makes it more useful is the way it let you convert tweets into tasks that can be given to other members of the team.

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Thus, that’s just some of the online reputation management tools which will help you to stay on top of your online reputation. So give it a try and see how it helps to monitor your business reputation online!



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