5 Zingers for The Laws of Subtraction (Matthew E. May)

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Matthew E. May wrote The Laws of Subtraction: Six Simple Rules of Winning the Age of Excess Everything. Given that we have gone from doing more with less to trying to do everything with nothing I find May’s ideas quite compelling. The book is laced with great and detailed examples and woven together with 50 one page contributions from others on applications, implications, and extensions of May’s ideas.

Cover Laws of Subtraction

Here are 5  zingers (5 of the 6 laws) from the book:

  1. What isn’t there can often trump what is
  2. The simplest rules create the most effective experience
  3. Limiting information engages the imagination
  4. Break is the important part of breakthrough
  5. Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing.

David Zinger¬†is a global employee engagement expert who in 2013 has worked on engagement in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Berlin, Prague and New York. He has been working on what needs to be subtracted from employee engagement to make it work for all. To access Mr. Zinger’s services email him: [email protected]

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