5 Ways to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is considered by many to be a driver of growth and prosperity, but the vast majority of employees feel pressured to be productive rather than creative. Most workers feel that they aren’t living up to their creative potential and an emphasis on consistency may discourage them from sharing new ideas.

Encouraging creativity in the following ways may help your company move into the future while driving dollars to the bottom line – and also helping employees to more feel fulfilled and valued.

Recognize and Reward Creativity

Creativity can be fun, but it’s also challenging and at times mentally draining to be creative. Make sure that employees are being encouraged to be creative by rewarding them with recognition of their ideas and some type of incentive. When employees see their ideas being put into action and see a financial benefit, they will be inspired to come up with more ideas.

Encourage Individuality

Employees that feel free to let their true colors shine will be more inspired in every way. Depending on the way your company operates, you may let employees decorate their workspace, dress according to a lenient code, or create their own schedules. Employees may also be free to interact with customers using more genuine and individualized greetings and closings, rather than scripted interactions.

Allow for Anonymity

Some employees are shy or uncomfortable sharing ideas with everyone. A simple suggestions box or confidentiality agreement may encourage employees that don’t enjoy the spotlight to be more creative. Allowing employees the option of being recognized for their ideas or having their ideas introduced without fanfare can help you to cater to your employees’ personalities and preferences.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration

People tend to be more creative when they discuss problems and solutions with one another than when they are put to the task alone. Encouraging employees to work together to complete goals may help to ramp up creativity levels. Introducing tools like messaging through HR software self-service portals lets employees exchange ideas on their own schedule when they come up, which may allow for even more creative freedom.

Prioritize Empowerment

Empowered employees will be more likely to share ideas and will feel more creative than employees that feel their roles are dictated to them by the company. If employees feel that they have a high degree of independence when it comes to the ways that they can take care of customers and complete their daily tasks, they will be more likely to come up with new and better methods. Prioritizing empowerment may inspire creativity while saving managers’ time and improving satisfaction among employees.

Creativity is becoming ever more important as the ways that customers’ consume continuously changes and evolves. By putting tools and systems in place to inspire creativity in the workplace, employers ensure that their businesses will be able to adapt and survive. In the short term, encouraging creativity also draws highly motivated candidates and helps existing employees feel a greater sense of ownership.



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