5 Twitter search tools to help you avoid the Where’s Wally syndrome


Twitter Wally  
Wheres wally For many people using Twitter is a bit like plating the kids game ‘Where’s Wally?’ – you what you want is in there somewhere, you just can’t find it!
In the game (example above) there is a mass of people in an image and one Wally (left) to find amongst the crowd in the pictures. Can you find him above?
Twitter is the same – there are 60+ million tweets a day and 200+million people using it. How do you find things on Twitter that are useful to you? >> By the way – can you find the Twitter bird in the picture above?

It is all about using the right tools to find what you want – whether that is people, information or trends etc.

Here are five tools that I really like that will help you find what you are looking for on Twitter:

  1. Monitter  – www.monitter.com.

    I have been using this for what seems like ages. In simple terms it is a real-time live Twitter search tool. You can have single or multiple columns, and you can also do a geo-location search i.e. tweets with X miles of a locations. And you can create widgets of your searches if you want. A very good simple – yet powerful – tool.

  2. Twime Machine – www.twimemachine.com

    Twime Machine

    This is more a tool to use when researching someone on Twitter. It allows you to look at the last 3200 tweets from any Twitter account (after you have signed in that is). I find this much easier than the Twitter.com profile search, just because it is much quicker.

  3. Topsy – http://.topsy.com


    Another of my favourites for search Twitter. You can change the search time line easily, take the RSS feed or email alerts from the searches, change the language and more. A superb search engine that is definitely worth putting in your browser favourites!

  4. Twellow – www.twellow.com


    This is so easy to use for finding people. Think of it as the Yellow Pages for Twitter. It is that obvious – with people broken down by categories, sub-categories etc. If you haven’t tried this site yet – have a go, it is superb!

  5. Listorious – http://listorious.com


    Twitter lets you create Twitter lists. Listorious allows you to search these lists really easily. You can either search and find people (individuals) or lists of people – brilliant!

There are of course many other tools to use, and the most obvious ones like search.twitter.com and socialmention.com are two of the best for searching Twitter. But it is always worth trying these specialist little tools sometimes because they focus purely on Twitter and therefore produce (for me anyway) improved results.

It goes without saying – please let me know in the comments if you know any others that are worth exploring!

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