5 Surefire Ways to Torpedo Innovative Brainpower

You may find it interesting to discover that one can flick on a molecular brainpower switch, and disengage innovations.  It’s done daily – any time – any where.

Handy to know? Perhaps for those who’ll  snipe at change-agents this week,  before they lead others forward. How so?

Surefire Torpedoes for Innovative Brainpower

Here are 5 surefire torpedoes for downing innovative brainpower where you work:

  1. Pop new innovations floated. Toss darts much like people burst circus balloons. Or just snipe that the new idea stinks, before any competition runs with it.  Either way you’ll extend cortisol chemicals into team circles, like storm clouds cover a  summer sun.
  2. Run with cynics but support naysayers. Shove your way into every innovative circle you see. Tell yourself you’re there as a critical thinker, but be sure to reserve killer tone to take out peers who differ from you on key topics raised. Affirm nothing they say, and then shoot from the hip whenever a soft spot’s in sight.
  3. Argue fast, foul, and often. Hurl a deluge of hard core research facts to support your one sided-views. Talk constantly –  don’t  listen ever, and ignore people who disagree. Be sure to avoid any questions at all costs. Rely on dopamine to survive your boredom when others suggest change.
  4. Push rock-solid opinions about pretty much everything that pops into mind. Don’t try to tame your brain’s amygdala, so when it overheats – people will know you’re angry as hell if anybody opposes your view.
  5. Back the bullies – so they don’t go after get your back when you least expect it. Don’t disagree with anything a bully spouts, regardless of how you feel.  In fact you’ll want to vent when they vent, and defend nobody they shut down or crinkle.

Continue to do all these things at least once a week, to ensure they prepare you for the next meeting, where other have come to expect more of your firepower.  Don’t try to take advantage of innovations that get past all the poor tone though –it’ll likely already be too late to change.

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